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Our annual calendar lists holidays, days when the CFC is closed, and other important dates throughout the school year.

Annual calendar

Summer Day Camp

Our 2017 Summer Day Camp program runs from June 6 - August 5, Mon-Fri 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and is open to students entering grades 1-7 in the fall 2017-2018 school year.

Here is a little overview of what summer day camp looks like at the CFC...

Who may come?

Our summer day camp is open to students entering 1st grade in the fall up to children entering 7th grade.  

What does the classroom look like?

Children are divided into classrooms by grade in school. Grades 1-3 are in room 201 and Grades 4–7 in room 202. Each class has a teacher and an assistant. The teachers plan classroom activities and are responsible for the environment in the classroom. In addition to current staff, we hire college age students for extra help during the summer.

What off campus trips will my child participate in?

Holly Russell, a classroom teacher with La Canada School District, spends time in the spring planning our day camp program. We will be sending children out on age-appropriate field trips every week. This means that not all classrooms will go on the same field trips but each classroom will have a wide variety of trips over of the summer.  Trips can include: zoo, beach, parks, museums, amusement parks, hikes, pools, movies, performances or sporting events. Care is taken to lower our teacher-to-child ratios during off campus activities by sending extra adults when needed. In addition to off campus activities, some assembly-type entertainment will be brought on campus. Soon we will have an overview of the summer for each classroom.  If you would like to see one from last year, you may come to the office. 

Vacation Bible School

During the week of July 11-15 all students will participate in the VBS program offered by La Crescenta Presbyterian Church (LCPC).  Students in the day camp will be joined by church and community children. Volunteers of LCPC will run the curriculum portion of the week, however CFC staff will be present during the program that runs from 9-Noon that week.

GUSD Summer School

GUSD has several summer school options, we will take and pick up children going to any GUSD summer school for no additional cost, but the full day camp fee is charged for these days.  If your child’s CFC classroom goes on a field trip while your child is in summer school, every effort will be made to help them join their class. On days that joining their class is not possible, they will join a class either a grade above or below them until their class returns.

Fees and Flexible Registration

We know that families can be busy during the summer. Therefore, we have set up our program to be a “pick and choose” registration.  Each week, by Tuesday, you need to come in and sign up your child for the next week. You can pick the days you need and not pay for days you don’t. There is a three-day minimum for any week your child attends. Going away for the entire week? You won’t have to pay for that week at all. This is for the summer day camp only. The first sign-up then is Tuesday, May 2 for the first week of day camp.  Payment is due at the time you sign up.

Summer Day Camp $290 a week   /   $69 a day

Parent Meeting

On May 24 we will be having our parent meeting to explain day camp.  If your child has never attended our day camp program before this will be a very important meeting.  You will get a full explanation of sign-ups and other information specific to day camp. Please be here at 6:30. 

We love summer around here and it is my goal that your children have a summer that is engaging, active, educational and fun.  We limit screen time and maximize human interaction. If you have any questions about our day camp please stop by the office, or talk to any of our school age staff.

Tel 818.249.8124 / Email

2017 Summer Day Camp Overview


Children feel comfortable when they follow a consistent routine. Each class follows a daily schedule outline, posted in the room. Here are some sample schedules:

Fall & Winter Breaks 2015-2016

We will be offering full day child care for K-8 students on many of the days Glendale schools are closed for pupil-free days and seasonal holiday breaks. For program details and to register, give us a call. For our full calendar, click here.

Sept. 4, Oct. 30, Nov. 6 GUSD closed, CFC open
November 23, 24 & 25 GUSD closed for Thanksgiving, CFC open
Dec. 21 – Jan. 6 GUSD closed for Winter break, CFC open except...
Dec. 24, 25, 26 & Jan. 1 CFC closed for Christmas and New Year's
January 8 GUSD closed, CFC open