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Preschool children

Intended ends for preschool children

The aim of the Center for Children is to spiritually, socially/emotionally, physically and cognitively prepare children and their families for the coming years of formal schooling. Children will do the following:


Acquire and refine the fundamental movements of balance, movement, touch and coordination

Acquire and develop fine motor skills

Recognize that their body is created by God and takes special responsibility to care for it


Are able to engage with others in learning activities, including the ability to explore, create, experiment, observe, plan, analyze, reason, investigate and question. Initiate investigation as a result of carefully observing their surroundings. Enjoy creative expression.

Numeracy: Understand math vocabulary, concepts and directed activities

Language and Literacy: Understand the importance and use of language in the environment

Have cultivated prewriting skills in the context of emergent literacy

Are aware of different letter sounds


Value familial relationships. Enjoy and initiate friendships with a variety of individuals.

Begin to learn the art of sharing

Begin showing empathy and kindness

Use language to express self, developing positive conflict resolution

Develop self-confidence in self-initiated activities

Begin to exhibit self-control

Are comfortable participating in group discussions


Understand that God is a loving God

Understand that the Bible is a special book

Use prayer to express their thoughts and needs to God

Know God created the world